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Doom - Girlie
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Andy the BandThe DamnedThe BriefsClowns

News & Restocks 18.4.19:

Andy The Band - Lethal Weapons Lp+MP3 The Briefs - I Hate The World 7" The Briefs - Platinum Rats CD/Lp Clowns - Nature/Nurture CD/Lp+MP3 The Damned - Machine Gun Etiquette Lp The Damned - Go! 45 Lp (180g/farbig) Krank - Mausetot 12" (farbig) + Poster (Pre-Order) Oppressed - Music For Hooligans Lp (farbig) Oxo 86 - Rien Ne Va Plus T-Shirt The Ramonas - You Asked For It 7" (Pre-Order)

KrankThe OppressedThe RamonasOxo 86

Peter and the test tube babiesIndian NightmareIggy PopOidornoHuman Parasit

News & Restocks 12.4.19:

Balboa Burnout - Auferstanden aus Urinen Tape, Crutches / Kontrasosial - Chaosriders Split Lp, Disrupt - Demo '88 7" (lim.), Human Parasit #17 (Fanzine), Indian Nightmare - By Ancient Force CD/Lp(farbig)/Lp (Pre-Order), Not On Tour - Growing Pains Lp/CD, Oidorno - Le Roi C'est Moi 7"+MP3+Poster (Pre-Order), Peter & The Test Tube Babies - Pissed And Proud Lp, Iggy Pop - TV Eye Live Lp 1977 (180g)+MP3, Suede Razors - Berlin Or Bust 7" (farbig)

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BlondieEat Read SleepMolochPerditionStumbling Pins

AusbruchScapegoatsLos PepesNeighborhood Bratsausbruch

News & Restocks 5.4.19:

Ausbruch - Auf alte Zeiten Lp Blink-182 - Take Off Your Pants And Jacket Lp+MP3 (180g) Chelsea - Alternative Hits Lp (farbig) Inferno - Tod & Wahnsinn Lp (Pre-Order) Los Pepes - Positive Negative Lp+MP3/Lp+MP3 (farbig) Maniacs / Zyklome A - Split 7" Naked Aggression / Die schwarzen Schafe - Split 7" (farbig) Neighborhood Brats - Claw Marks Lp Scapegoats - Pogo Lebt Immer Noch Lp+CD (farbig) The Stance - s/t 7" Svartidaudi - Revelations Of The Red Sword Lp (farbig/180g)+MP3 Ulf - Es ist gut Lp/CD

DefonceDropkick MurphysKontrolleLeatherfaceVerlierer DVD

News & Restocks 29.3.19:

Civilised Society? - Violence Still Sucks: Scrap Metal Anthology 2xCD Défonce - s/t Lp Devil Master - Satan Spits On Children Of Light Lp Dropkick Murphys - The Gang's All Here CD/Lp (endlich wieder da!) Kontrolle - Egal CD/Lp Leatherface - Viva La Arthouse 2xLp (wieder da!) Paddelnohnekanu - My Button Is Bigger Than Yours Lp+MP3 (lim.) Red Alert - The Oi! Singles 1980-1983 Lp Verlierer - DVD/T-Shirt-Bundle (Pre-Order)

Death AlleyDeath by horseDread SovereignHard Skin

News & Restocks 22.3.19:

Death Alley - Superbia 2xLp Death By Horse - Reality Hits Hard Tape/Lp+MP3 Deichkind - Arbeit nervt 2xLp+MP3 (180g) Dread Sovereign - All Hell's Martyrs 2xLp (farbig) Hard Skin - Not Messing Around b/w Factory 7" Hard Skin - The One that Got Away 7" Horror Vacui - Return Of The Empire Lp/Lp Special Edition mit Rückenaufnäher Die Kreuzen - s/t Lp+MP3 Maulgruppe - Tiere in Tschernobyl CD/Lp+MP3 (Rachut!) Postford - Keine Lichter Tape/Lp+MP3 Power Trip - Opening Fire: 2008-14 Lp (farbig) Rogers - Mittelfinger für immer Lp+CD Scherben - s/t 12"+MP3 Undergang / Gorephilia - Split 7"

PostfordPower TripRogersMaulgruppe

Brutal BravoThe ClinchHarnröhrerBob MouldHorror Vacui

News & Restocks 14.3.19:

Brutal Bravo - Über Alles 7" The Clinch - Our Path Is One Lp+CD Clorox Girls - s/t Lp Harnröhrer - Stadtguerilla 7" Honkas - Lied Für Fritz 7" Maniac - Dead Dance Club Lp Lp (farbig/lim.) More Kicks - I'm On the Brink 7"+MP3 Bob Mould - Sunshine Rock CD/Lp The Specials - Encore Lp Teenage Bottlerocket - Stay Rad! Lp+MP3 Terrorgruppe - Musik für Arschlöcher Lp+MP3/Lp+MP3 (farbig) Toadliquor - Cease & Decease 2xLp Topnovil - Out Of Order Lp (farbig) The Wheelz - Top 10 Super Hits! Lp+MP3

The SpecialsManiacTeenage BottlerocketTerrorgruppePiefke



acitve mindsAggropunkbad religiondödsrit

News & Restocks 8.3.19:

Active Minds - Religion Is Nonsense 10" + Rückenaufnäher Aggropunk Vol. 4 - Harte Zeiten! CD Comp. Digipak Apparatus - FKU 7" Bad Religion - Age Of Unreason Lp/Lp (farbig) Chapel Of Disease - ... And As We Have Seen The Storm.. Lp (180g/farbig) Dödsrit - s/t CD/Lp + Poster Nitad - Allt Är Upp Och Ner 7" The Fiend - Stand Alone 7" Millencolin - SOS CD/Lp (farbig) Oxo 86 - Rien Ne Va Plus Lp+MP3 (wieder erhältlich auf schwarz und blau) Sharp Cut - Trouble From The Streets 12" Social Distortion - Poshboy's Little Monsters 12" Target Of Demand / Stand To Fall - Split Lp Undergang - Til Døden Os Skiller Lp Warcollpase - Deserts Of Ash 12" Worst Witch - Toil And Trouble 12 (einseitig)+MP3+Poster

social distortionmillencolinsharp cutnitad

Fatal BlowAdam AngstClownsFlesh Eaterstrack top

News & Restocks 28.2.19:

Adam Angst - Neintology Lp Boxhmasters - Brut Imperial CD Boxhamsters - Tupperparty CD Clowns - I Shaved My Legs For You 7" C*ntroaches - s/t 7" The Downsetters / 8°6 Crew - Dub Clash Split Lp Fatal Blow - Victimized CD/Lp+CD Flesh Eaters - I Used To Be Pretty 2xLp Hellkrusher - Doomsday Hour Lp Masked Intruder - III CD/Lp (farbig) Messerschiesserei - s/t 12" No Sugar - Wasting Time With Rock'n'Roll Tape Power Trip - Nightmare Logic Tape Razzia - Am Rande von Berlin CD/Lp (Pre-Order) Slapshot - Sudden Death Overtime Lp Sleaford Mods - Eton Alive CD/Lp (German version/farbig) Sleep - Dopesmoker Tape Wirrsal - Auf Zinne Lp (lim.) Chelsea Wolfe - Live At Roadburn Lp (farbig)

HellkrusherMasked IntruderSlapshotWirrsal100 blumen Shirt


FckrRazziaMesserschiessereiGewaltbereitPlastic Bomb #106

News & Restocks 21.2.19:

Alarmsignal - Viva Versus LP+MP3 (farbig) Crass - Anti-War T-Shirt The Exploited - F*ck The System 2xLp Deathronation  - Hallow The Dead Lp (180g) + Poster FCKR / Shutcombo - Split 7" Frittenbude - Rote Sonne Lp+7" (farbig) Gewaltbereit - s/t 7" Maggot Heart - Dusk To Dusk Lp Messerschiesserei - s/t Lp (neu auf Plastic Bomb Records!) Nina Belief - Indigo/Cult Of The Viper 7" Not Available - Resistance Is Futile Lp Oxo 86 - Auf die Liebe & die Sehnsucht 2xCD Plastic Bomb Ausgabe #106 Powerage - Demo 2017 12" (einseitig) Razzia - Am Rande von Berlin Lp und CD Red London - Kings Of The Streets 7" (die neue 7" Single) Ruinas / Lust For Death - Split Lp (lim.) Scapegoats - When The Bombs Drop... 1982-86 CD Digipak Siberian Meat Grinder - s/t LP+MP3 (endlich wieder da!) Sleep - Dopesmoker 2xLp (farbig/wieder da!) Ultra - Alta Montaña Lp Varukers - No Hope T-Shirt   Zodd - Operationally Ready Dead Lp

Red LondonSiberian Meat GrinderScapegoatZoddThe Exploited

AnthraxChaos en FranceBlack FlagCircle JerksVarukers

News & Restocks 15.2.19:

Anthrax (uk) - They've Got It All Wrong 7" Black Flag - Annihilate This Week 12" Chaos En France Vol. 2 Comp. Lp (endlich wieder da!) Circle Jerks - Oddities, Abnormalities & Curiosities Lp Cramps - RockinnReelininAucklandNewZealandXXX Lp (farbig) Crass - Anti War TShirt, Girlie, Hoodie Gewaltbereit - s/t 7" Die Goldenen Zitronen - More Than A Feeling Lp Hard Skin - Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear Lp (wieder da!) Jaya The Cat - A Good Day For The Damned Lp (wieder da!) The Lost Tapes - Inconvenience Lp Major Accident - The Ultimate High Lp Nocturnal Scum - s/t 12" (180g) Ripcord - Harvest Hardcore 7" Varukers - TShirt, Girlie, Hoodie usw Warsaw - An Ideal For Living: The Demos Lp Zounds - Can't Cheat Karma Lp + Poster

WarsawDie Goldenen ZitronenGewaltbereitZoundsCrass Anti War

Anti-FlagClayfaceBad Nenndorf BoysThe Buttocks

News & Restocks 8.2.19:

Anti-Flag - The Terror State Lp+MP3 Bad Nenndorf Boys - Du sollst frei sein (div. Editionen) Braindance - Raise Yer Glass Lp (farbig) The Buttocks - Vom Derbsten 7“ + Sticker Clayface - 8-Song E.P. 12" Coupe Gorge/The Hammer - Split Tape Infa-Riot - Still Out Of Order Lp+Poster King Dude - Music To make War To Lp (180g/farbig) Lazy Class - Interesting Times Lp (farbig) Lethal Aggression – Life Is Hard, But That's No Excuse Lp ManifestatioN - Fair Enough Lp Vinnie Paz - Carry On Tradition 12" (farbig) Phone Jerks - s/t Lp Waving The Guns - Das muss eine Demokratie aushalten können CD/Lp (Pre-Order)

Lazy ClassLethal AggressionWaving the gunsInfa-Riot

aczive mindsbuzzcocksfireburnkomplikations

News & Restocks 31.1.19:

Active Minds - The Cracks Start Appearing Lp Bad Brains - Capitol TShirts, Kapus, Zipper (wieder auf Lager) Buzzcocks - Another Music In A Different Kitchen Lp+MP3 Fireburn - Shine 7" (farbig) Heavy Metal - 2 Lp Kalte Sterne - BRD Punk Balladen 2xCD Knochenfabrik - Ameisenstaat TShirts, Kapus, Zipper (wieder auf Lager) Komplikations - No Good News 12" Leftöver Crack - The E-Sides And F-sides 2xLp+MP3 Pisscharge - Eden Lp SKA-P - Game Over 2xLp (endlich auf Vinyl) Throwouts - Take A Stand Lp Urban Vietcong - Storie Tra Bottiglie E Ciminiere Lp War//Plague - Into The Depths Lp

pisschargeska-pleftöver crack

deth cruxbzfosgraue zellenf*cking angry

News & Restocks 25.1.19:

Antisocial - Battle Scarred Skinheads Lp (farbig) Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space - All These Fiendish Things CD/Lp (Pre-Order/farbig) Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space - Satan T-Shirt (Pre-Order) Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space - All These Fiendish Things T-Shirt (Pre-Order) The Buttocks - s/t 7" Deth Crux - Mutant Flesh Lp F*cking Angry - Lack ab! 7"+MP3 (Pre-Order/farbig) Graue Zellen - Gegenrhythmus 1989-1997 2xLp+MP3 Gulag Beach - Potato Mash Bash Lp Hellshock - Only The Dead Know The End Of The War Picture Lp The Kathmandu Killers - Stories From Krantipur Lp Ritual Veil - Wolf In The Night 12" (farbig) Snarg - Snarg II Lp (farbig) Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - Live At Acton 2xLp Joe Strummer - Joe Strummer 001 4xLp Boxset The toten Crackh*ren im Kofferraum - B****lifecrisis (Pre-Order/Div. Editionen) Verboten in Deutschland II - Hausverbot im Esso Comp. Lp (lim.)

gulag beachjoe strummerthe tchikBzfos

AbsolutBronco LibreDefektdefektDischarge

News & Restocks 17.1.19:

Absolut - Demo 2013 12"+Poster Bronco Libre - s/t Lp Catch As Catch Can - Regular Vanilla Lp+Poster Defektdefekt - s/t Lp Discharge - Noise Not Music Boxset + Buch Doom - Total Doom 2xLp Eastie Ro!s - Achtung Stress! Lp (farbig) Jaya The Cat / Macsat - Split 10" (farbig)
Knarre - Eiscafé Venezia Lp+MP3 (farbig) Lagwagon - Hoss 2xLp Litovsk - Dispossessed Lp Schwund - Technik und Gefühl Tape Slapshot - Blast Furnace Lp+MP3 (farbig) Slapshot - 16 Valve Hate Lp+MP3 Universum - s/t Tape (mit Pisse & Johnny Kurt-Personal) Vidro - Allt Brinner Lp

MisfitsThe BusinessFatumConcrete Elite

News & Restocks 11.1.19:

Apocalpyse / Extinction Of Mankind - Split 7" The Business - Suburban Rebels Lp Concrete Elite - The Survival 12" Devil Master - Manifestations Lp+MP3
Ernte 77 - Noch ein tieferer Tiefpunkt Lp+Mp3 (farbig) Fatum / Instinct Of Survival - Split 7" FCK FSCSM - This is Anti-Fascist Oi! Comp. Lp Misfits - Walk Among Us Lp (180g) Nofnog - Thieves Lp+MP3 (farbig) No Spirit Comp. Vol. II Tape Reno Divorce - Fairweather Friends / Ship of Fools Lp+CD Signal Crimes - Perfidious Albion 12" (Ex-Heresy)

angry samoansichsuchtoxo86bw pulloverrage against the machine

News & Restocks 4.1.19:

Angry Samoans - STP Not LSD Lp (farbig) Bad Religion - Suffer Lp (2018/remastered) FCKR - Dummlandschweine Lp (endlich wieder da!) Ichsucht - ...von Abgründen und Gestalten. 7"+MP3 The Last Gang - Sing For Your Supper 7" Los Fastidios - Elisa Dixan Sings Los Fastidios 7" Oxo 86 - So beliebt und so bescheiden Lp (180g)/Lp (farbig) Oxo 86 - Fröhlich sein und singen Lp (180g)/Lp (farbig) Rage Against The Machine - Evil Empire Lp (180g) Riistetyt - Nightmares in Darkness Lp Tank Girl (Nepal) - Kids with Guns + Choco Fun !! Lp Ton Steine Scherben - Warum geht es mir so dreckig? Lp (remastert) Ton Steine Scherben - Keine Macht für niemand 2xLp (remastert) Wolfbrigade - A D-Beat Odyssey 12" Wu-Tang Clan - Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) Lp (farbig) Zygote - A Wind Of Knives Lp + Poster

riistetytton steine scherbenwolfbrigadezygote

X-Mal DeutschlandRotten MindLagwagonFleas and Lice

News & Restocks 22.12.18:

Laurel Aitken & Girlie - Lawd Doctor b/w Big Fight In Hell 7", Buzz Kull - New Kind Of Cross Lp (lim.), The Flatliners - The Great Awake Demos 7", Henric De La Couer - Gimme Daggers Lp (lim.), Sally Dige - Holding On Lp, Fleas And Lice - Prepare For Armageddon Lp, Lagwagon - Let's Talk About Feelings 2xLp, Madness - Can't Touch Us Now Lp, No Honey In Paradise - s/t 7", Plasmatics - New Hope For The Wretched Lp, Rotten Mind - I'm Alone Even With You Lp, Qual - The Ultimate Climax Lp (lim.), We Sleep - Uniform Fuckface 7" (lim.), X-Mal Deutschland - Eisengrau in Hamburg 1984 Lp

BZFOSPissePascowEs war Mord

News & Restocks 14.12.18:

Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space - Nice Day For An Exorcism CD + Ouija Board (!) Bull Brigade - Vita Libertà Lp (endlich auf Vinyl!) The Cure - Greatest Hits 2xLp+MP3 (180g) Cock Sparrer - Back Home 2xLp (farbig) The Crack - In Search Of... Lp Crucifix - s/t 12" Es war Mord - Tod im Garten 10"+Rückenaufnäher Extrem - Vielleicht ist bald alles vorbei 12" (lim.) Kakafoni - Krälar I Stoftet Lp Pascow - Jade (div. Editionen/Pre-Order) Pisse - Live im Starclub Bamberg 7" Popperklopper - Live im SO36 Lp+MP3 (lim.) Toxic Holocaust - Evil Never Dies Lp (farbig) Winds Of Promise - s/t Lp (farbig)

Bull BrigadeWinds of promiseExtremCock Sparrer

BluttatCrucifixDischargethe FreezeModern PetsVeganarchist

Reduzierte TShirts und Girlies ab 6,- Euro, nur so lange der Vorrat reicht!!

wolfbrigademoving targetsjohnny mopedJohnny Cashblink 182

News & Restocks 7.12.18:

Angeschissen - s/t 2xLp+MP3 Angry Samoans - Too Animalistic: 1978 Demos Lp (wieder da!) Blink-182 - Enema Of The State Lp+MP3 (180g) Blitz - Voice Of A Generation gestickter Aufnäher Butcher - Return To Nothingness Lp (farbig/Pre-Order) Johnny Cash - American VI Lp+MP3 (180g) Johnny Moped - Cycledelic Lp Johnny Moped - It's Real Cool Baby Lp John, Paul, George, Ringo & Richard - Easy Listening Tape (lim.) Moving Targets - The Other Side: Demos & Sessions Expanded CD/2xLP+CD The Samples - Dead Hero 7" War With The Newts - Muerte Min Amour Lp Wolfbrigade - Comalive Lp (Jubiläumsedition/Pre-Order)


News & Restocks 29.11.18:

13th Floor Elevators - The Psychedelic Sounds Of... 2xLp Laurel Aitken With The Skatalites - The Long Hot Summer Lp Asocial - Relgion Sucks Lp Casualties - Written In Blood Lp (farbig) Fall Of Efrafa - The Warren Of Snakes Discography CD Boxset Lokalmatadore - Arme Armee Lp (180g) Johnny Moped - Motörhead Pic. 7" Marked Men - On The Other Side Lp (Pre-Order) MDC - Metal Devil Cokes Lp (farbig) The Orobians - Oro Pulp Lp (farbig) Tribulation - The Horror Lp + Poster Vulgarity Kids (jap) - No One / Bloody Splatter Lp

Plastic Bomb #105The AdictsBarstool PreachersCrim

News & Restocks 23.11.18:

2 Minute Minor - Blood On Our Front Stoop Tape+MP3 Adicts - Twenty-Seven Lp Barstool Preachers - Grazie Governo Lp+MP3 Crim - Pare Nostre Que Esteu A L'Infern Lp Eiefits (jap) - Mezame Lp Eskorbuto - Eskizofrenia Lp Neurotic Existence / Killbite Split 7" (lim.) Plastic Bomb Fanzine #105 Sheer Terror - Pall In The Family 12" (einseitig) Suedehead - Constant Frantic Motion Lp (lim./farbig) Swingin' Utters - Peace And Love Lp+MP3 Weak Ties / The Gentle Art Of Chokin' - Split 6"

IntegritySubhumansNOFXNo Problem

News & Restocks 16.11.18:

Abriss - Dachlattenkult Tape+MP3 Arrested Denial - 2 verschiedene Pins Detlef - Kaltakquise Tape Roky Erickson - Star Colour Patch Friedemann - Ich leg mein Wort in euer Ohr Tape Integrity / Krieg - Split Lp+MP3 Legion 76 - Banners Fall 10" NOFX - The Greatest Songs Ever Written... By Us 2xLp+MP3/2xLp+MP3 (farbig) No Problem - Let God Sort 'Em Out Lp Nuage & das Bassorchester - Es lohnt Lp+MP3 (farbig) Subhumans (can) - Death Was Too Kind Lp