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Bishop (Pushead) Girlie
Bishop (Pushead) Girlie
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News & Restocks 18.8.2017: Ausbruch - Zahn der Zeit Lp+MP3 (Pre-Order), Boots'n'All - Fill Ya Boots! CD / Lp, Catholic Guilt - s/t Lp (wieder da!), Cruelster - Potatoe Boys Lp, The Defects - 45 Minutes Lp, D.O.A. - Fucked Up Donald 7" (farbig/wieder da!), Gimp Fist - Never Give Up On You CD / Lp, Karies - s/t 12" (UK Version), Lebanon Hanover - Why Not Just Be Solo CD, Lebanon Hanover - The World Is Getting Colder CD, Macho Boys - Toughest Band In Hardcore Demo 2016 Tape, Missbrauch - Vorhang auf! CD (wieder da! Nice Price), Neighborhood Brats - No Sun No Tan Lp (wieder da!), Selofan - Ciné Romance Lp + Sticker (das neue Album), Selofan - Tristesse CD, Targets - Menschenjagd auf deutsche Art Lp (Pre-Order), Total Chaos - Street Punx 7"+CD+Poster, Upright Citizens - Open eyes, open ears, brains to think and a mouth to speak! Lp+CD (Pre-Order)

Upright CitizensTotal ChaosTargetsGimp Fist

Geschenk Gutschein

Channel 3The ErectionsEA80The Germs

News & Restocks 11.8.2017: The Adicts - Picture The Scene 7" / 7" (farbig) (Pre-Order), Ben Bloodygrave / Bad Taste Paranoia - Bloody Paranoia Split 7" (lim./farbig), Les Cadavres - L'Art de Mourir Lp (farbig / wieder da!), Channel 3 - CH3 Lp, EA80 - Definitiv Ja! Lp / CD (Pre-Order), The Erections - Stand Up Fuckin' Punks 7" (Japan), External Menace - Coalition Blues Lp (farbig!), Förgiftad - Bränd Generation 7" (farbig), Germs - The Germs Picture 7" (RSD 2016 Edition/nur wenige!), Kadavar - Die Baby Die 7", Karoshi - Rabauken und Trompeten Lp+MP3 (Pre-Order), Maggot Heart - City Girls 12" (lim.), MDK (Mekanik Destrüktiw Komandöh) - Manifestation Lp+MP3 (farbig), Missstand - I Can't Relax In Hinterland 2xCD / Lp (farbig) (Pre-Order), Peter & The Test Tube Babies - Crap Californian Punk Band 7" / 7" (farbig) (Pre-Order), Propagandhi - Victory Lap CD / Lp (Pre-Order), R.A.S. - Rien à signaler 7", Raw Power - You Are The Victim + God's Curse Demo Lp, Sherwood Pogo - Liberté Lp (Frankreich), Siouxsie & The Banshees - The Complete John Peel Sessions Lp, Slime - Hier und Jetzt (div. Editionen / Pre-Order), Wunderbach - Increvables... Lp (wieder da!)

MDKMissstandSlimeSherwood Pogo

The ClashEgotronicThe ExploitedNot On Tour

News & Restocks 4.8.2017: Avengers - We Are The One 7" (wieder da!), Avengers - Paint It Black b/w Thin White Line 7", Bondage Fairies - What You Didn‘t Know When You Hired Me Lp, Jamie Clarke's Perfect - Hell Hath No Fury Lp, The Clash - Combat Rock Lp+MP3 (180g), Dritte Wahl - Tooth For Tooth CD, Dritte Wahl - Meer Roggen Roll Lp, Dritte wahl - 10 (div. Editionen), Earth Crust Displacement - D-Takt Noize Lp, Egotronic - Ausflug mit Freunden Lp (endlich wieder da!), Egotronic - Die richtige Einstellung Lp+MP3 (endlich auf Vinyl!), The Exploited - Punk's Not Dead. Lp, The Gee Strings - Ohh!!... I´m So Gee!! Lp, Kabelbrand Ostkreuz - s/t 7", Lötfett - Oi! The Bootleg Tape, Muff Divers - Dreams Of The Gentlest Texture Lp, Napalm Death  / Melt Banana - Split 7", Nazi Dogs - Back From The Nod MLp, Nerve Button - s/t Lp, Monty Neysmith - Fung Su b/w Skin Flint 7", Monty Neysmith Meets The Bishops - s/t Lp, Not On Tour - s/t + N.O.T. Lp (lim.), P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. - Make It Through The Night Lp, The Prosecution - The Unfollowing CD / Lp+MP3 (180g), Radiohearts - Daytime Man 7"+MP3, xSchmutziger Menschx - Die Deutschen sind keine Menschen Tape, Tau Cross - Pillar Of Fire CD, Wipers - Youth Of America Lp

The ProsecutionPlastic Bomb Party 2017Wipers

Geschenk Gutschein

Dritte Wahl DoomDischargeGermany will be worse

News & Restocks 28.7.2017: Abrasive Wheels - When The Punks Go Marching In 2xLp+Bonus, (Major) Accident - A Clockwork Legion Lp, Bad Cop Bad Cop - Boss Lady 7", The Business / Dropkick Murphys - Mob Mentality Split Lp (wieder da!), Complicated Men Of Leisure - I'm Sorry If I Did... 10"+MP3 (Jaya The Cat-Nebenprojekt!), Das frivole Burgfräulein - [Sick!] Lp (farbig!), Discharge - Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing Lp (wieder da!), Doom - World Of Shit Lp (wieder da!), French Boutik - Front Pop Lp, Germany Will Be Worse Comp. 4x7" Boxset (Powerviolence/Grindcore), Los Pepes - Let's Go! Lp+MP3, Odio - Ancora Lp, Restarts - A Sickness Of The Mind (wieder da!), Scheiternhaufen - Ein Roman von Jonny Bauer (Buch/Oiro), The Selecter - Subculture CD / Lp, The Sex Organs - Fuck The Human Race 7", SS Decontrol - The Kids Will Have Their Say Lp (wieder da!), Street Eaters - The Envoy Lp+MP3´, Teenage Bottlerocket - Freak Out! Lp+MP3´, Teenage Bottlerocket - Stealing The Covers Lp+MP3/CD, UK Subs - Endangered Species Lp (farbig!), UK Subs - Flood Of Lies 2xLp (farbig!), UK Subs - Riot Lp (wieder da!), Yass - Night Wire Lp+MP3

Bad Cop Bad CopTeenage BottlerocketLos PepesUK Subs

Bishops GreenHard SkinPott RiddimSlime

News & Restocks 21.7.17: Appendix - Parock 7", Bishops Green - Pressure Lp, Bishops Green - A Chance To Change Lp, Hard Skin - Hard Nuts And Hard Cunts Lp (endlich wieder da!), Klimax - Ääri/päät Lp, The Lost Tapes - s/t Lp + Mp3, Memoriam - For The Fallen CD, Oxo 86 - Heut' trinken wir Lp (farbig), Oxo 86 - Bernauer Bierchansons Lp (farbig), Piss Test - s/t Lp (Pre-Order), Pott Riddim - Nie mehr arbeiten gehen Lp (farbig), Sick Of It All - Scratch The Surface Lp (180g), Slime - Unsere Lieder 7", Stigma - For Love & Glory Lp (wieder da für kurze Zeit!), Vivisektio - Ydintalvi 7"

AppendixSick of it allStigmaOxo 86

SlimeArrested DenialForeseenAlice Cooper

News & Restocks 14.7.2017: Akne Kid Joe - Haste nich gesehn! 7"+MP3 (farbig / Pre-Order), Arrested Denial - Frei.Tal CD / Lp (Pre-Order), Alice Cooper - Paranoiac Personality 7", Derbe Lebowski - s/t 12", Foreseen - Grave Danger Lp, Fuzzy Vox - No Landing Plan Lp+MP3, Hi-Standard - Another Starting Line 7", Kommando Sonne-nmilch - Jamaica Lp (wieder da!), Die Liga der gewöhnlichen Gentlemen - It's OK To Love The DLDGG Lp+CD, Die Liga der gewöhnlichen Gentlemen - Rüttel mal am Käfig, die Affen sollen was machen Lp+CD, P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. - Enemy Spy 7", Public Toys - Die 1. Halbzeit... CD, Sid & Nancy: Love Kills Soundtrack (OST) Lp (Pre-Order), Sniffing Glue - I'm Not Alright Lp + MP3 (KN)

Derbe LebowskiFuzzy VoxP.R.O.B.L.E.M.S.Die Liga der gewöhnlichen Gentlemen

Angry SamoansCock SparrerHelmetParasit

News & Restocks 7.7.2017: Angry Samoans - Too Animalistic Lp, Cock Sparrer - Every Step Of The Way 7" (farbig), Descendents - Everything Sucks Lp (180g) + Bonus 7" (20th Anniversary Edition), Drug Church - Hit Your Head Lp (farbig), Helmet - Meantime Lp (Pre-Order), Herida Profunda / Hellbastard - Split Picture Disc, Karies - Es geht sich aus Lp (wieder da!), Karies - Seid umschlungen Lp (farbig / wieder da!), Nachthexen - s/t 10", Napalm Death - Leaders Not Followers pt.1 10" (farbig!), No Use For A Name - Justified Black Eye 7" (Fat Wreck Demo Series), Parasit - A Proud Tradition Of Stupidity Lp, Rancid - s/t Picture Disc Vinyl, Rikk Agnew Band - Learn. Lp + MP3 (180g), Die Shitlers - This Is Bochum Not L.A. Special Boxset (Pre-Order)

Rikk Agnew BandNo Use For A NameInfernoRuhrpott Rodeo

Bar Stool PreachersEs war MordLast RitesMunicipal Waste

News & Restocks 1.7.2017: Acephalix - Deathless Master Lp, Angelic Upstarts - Solidarity 7", Bar Stool Preachers - Blatant Propaganda Lp, Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers - The Furious Era 2xCD / 2xLp (Pre-Order), Distorted Truth - Victim Of The Law 7", Grand Collapse - Along The Dew Lp + MP3 (farbig), Es war Mord - Unter Kannibalen CD / Lp (180g), Kenny Kenny Oh Oh - I Will Not Negotiate Lp, Kontatto - Fino Alla Fine Lp, Krimewatch - Demo 2016 7", Last Rites - We Don't Care 7", Municipal Waste - Slime And Punishment Lp, Municipal Waste - Slime And Punishment Lp (lim. clear Vinyl), Municipal Waste - Slime And Punishment Patch, Newtown Neurotics - Licensing Hours 7" (farbig), Occvlta - Night Without End CD, Oppressed - 1981/84 - Fatal Blow 7", Popperklopper - Wolle was komme CD / Lp (col.) (Pre-Order), Short Days - s/t Lp (nur wenige!), Warcry - Nausea 7", Zex - Child Soldier 7", Zex - No Sanctuary 7" (farbig), Zex - Fight For Yourself gewebter Patch, Zex - Uphill Battle T-Shirt

Short DaysPopperklopperZexGrand Collapse

WWKThe Minneapolis Uranium Club

News & Restocks 23.6.2017: (DOLCH) - I & II Lp, DxBxSx - Deutschland, Du mieses Stück Scheisse! 7", Joy Division - Closer Lp (wieder da!), The Minneapolis Uranium Club - All Of Them Naturals 12", Short Days - s/t Lp (lim.), Total Silence - Massdeath And Sorrow Tape, Vive Le Punk! DVD (wieder da!), WWK - Bestie Mensch Lp (wieder da!)

Andy the BandDon'tZexJohnny Reggae Rub Foundation

News & Restocks 14.6.2017: Absturtz - Alles wird gut CD (Nice Price), Andy The Band - Carry On 7", Don't - Enough Is Enough 7", Hamburger Abschaum / Pöbel MC - Split 7", Johnny Reggae Rub Foundation - No Bam Bam Lp+MP3, Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures Lp (wieder da!), Let The Bombs Fall Comp. CD, Madness - Complete Madness 2xLp, Pogohai Records Vol. 1 Labelcompilation 2014 Tape, Die Shitlers - This Is Bochum Not L.A. Lp / CD (Pre-Order), Sick Times - Kings Of The Scene Lp+Sticker (farbig), Zex - Uphill Battle Lp / Lp (farbig)

MadnessDie ShitlersSick TimesHamburger Abschaum / Pöbel MC

Flogging MollyGBHKaltfrontMy Meat's Your Poison

News & Restocks 9.6.2017: Cheap Drugs/Sunpower - Split 7", Das frivole Burgfräulein - Urlaubs-Report aus den Punkrock Single-Charts 7" (farbig), Einstürzende Neubauten - Live At Rockpalast 2xLp, Exit-Stance - While Backs Are Turned... Lp, Flogging Molly - Life Is Good Lp (Pre-Order), GBH - Punk Junkies Lp, Kaltfront - Wenn es dunkel wird Lp (180g)(Pre-Order), My Meat's Your Poison Comp. Lp (Japan), Nuns - Rumania Lp, Power Trip - Manifest Decimation Lp (farbig), Power Trip - Nightmare Logic Lp (farbig), ProblemIsYou - Grinding Teeth 12" (lim.), Shitty Life - S/L 7", Social Enemies - Downfall Of Humanity 12" (farbig), Venom - The Seven Gates Of Hell: The Singles 2xLp, Wasted Time - Futility Lp (farbig), Wire - Silver/Lead Lp

Power TripVenomProblemIsYouWire

Bad Cop Bad CopBerurier NoirFrenzal RhombHigley

News & Restocks 2.6.2017: John Allen - Sophomore Lp+MP3, Artcore 30th Anniversary Issue #2 + Violent Arrest 7" (wieder da!), Bad Cop Bad Cop - Warriors Lp+MP3 (Pre-Order), Bad Manners - Return Of The Ugly Lp, Berurier Noir / Haine Brigade - Split 7", The Class Assassins - No Justice No Peace 7", Dead Boys - Return Of The Living Dead Boys DVD, Frenzal Rhomb - Hi-Vis High Tea Lp+MP3, Higley - s/t Lp+MP3 (Black Flag/Descendents), Ho99o9 - United States Of Horror CD, Hot Water Music / Leatherface - Split Lp (wieder da!), Mad Sin - Chills And Thrills.../ Distorted Dimensions 2xCD, Mad Sin - Break The Rules / A Ticket Into Underworld 2xCD, Me First & The Gimme Gimmes - Rake It In: The Greatestest Hits Lp+MP3, Neurotic Existence - Insane Lp, OFF! - Live at 9:30 Club  Lp (endlich wieder da!), Reiz - s/t Lp, Stiff Little Fingers - No Going Back Lp (Pre-Order), Stiff Little Fingers - No Going Back 2xCD (bereits erhältlich!)

Mad SinStiff Little FingersNeurotic ExistenceBad Manners

Blumen am Arsch der HölleChelseaHeiter bis WolkigThe Partisans

News & Restocks 29.5.2017: Adrestia - The Art Of Modern Warfare Lp, Agnostic Front - Iron Chin 7" (Pre-Order), Angeschissen / Das Moor - Split Lp+MP3, Blinker Links - Achterträger Kronkorken mit.. Lp+MP3 (farbig!), Blumen am Arsch der Hölle - s/t + Bonus7"+MP3, Career Suicide - Machine Response Lp+MP3 (wieder da!), Chelsea - In Session 2xLp (Pre-Order), Deathrite - Into Extinction Lp, Distillers - s/t Lp, Doom / Electrozombies - Split 7" (farbig), The Fits - You're Nothing You're Nowhere Lp, Framtid (jap) - Defeat Of Civilization Lp, Heiter Bis Wolkig - Manifest 2xLp, Knuste Ruter - Tusen Grunner 7", Nailbiter - The Bait MLp, The Odeleggers - Feil Sted, Feil Tid 7", Partisans - s/t Lp (180g), Pure Hell - Noise Addiction Lp (wieder da!), Rage Against The Machine - s/t Lp (wieder da!), Suicidal Tendencies - The Art Of Rebellion Lp (180g), Verbal Abuse - Red, White & Violent Lp (Pre-Order)

Undustry 3/4 Pants Karo turqoiseSkinni Jeans Boy BlackBlinker LinksIndustry 3/4 Pants Karo dunkelgrauSkinny Jeans girl black

DanzigDas frivole BurgfräuleinDeez NutsFCKR / S.U.F.F.

News & Restocks 19.5.2017: Danzig - Black Laden Crown CD / Lp (schwarz), Danzig - Black Laden Crown Lp (farbig!), Das frivole Burgfräulein - Punk vor Strichrechnung Lp+MP3, Death Of Youth - s/t Lp+MP3, Deez Nuts - Binge & Purgatory Lp+CD, Eyehategod - s/t Lp (Klappcover/silber Vinyl!/wieder da!), Eyehategod - Take As Needed For Pain Lp (das zweite Album der Sludge-Titanen), FCKR / S.U.F.F. - Split 7" (Soli 7" für Roter Stern Leipzig), Fehlfarben - Monarchie und Alltag CD / Lp+MP3 (farbig!), Kyrest - Life. Life. Disaccord. Lp+MP3 (lim.), Los Fastidios - 1991-2016: 25 Rebel Years CD, Los Fastidios - The Sound Of Revolution Lp, Los Fastidios - Radio Boots 7", Los Fastidios - Rebels'n'Revels CD (wieder da!), Los Fastidios - Anejo 16 Anos CD (wieder da!), Mob 47 - Dom Ljuger Igen 7", Nazis raus! Comp. 2xCD, CJ Ramone - American Beauty CD (die CD-Version des neuen Albums), Veil Of Light - Front Teeth Lp, War Emblem - Constant Defeat Lp

FehlfarbenBlut + EisenLos FastidiosRuhrpott Rodeo 2017

AffenmesserkampfEgotronicHarda TiderIntegrity / Power Trip

News & Restocks 12.5.2017: Affenmesserkampf - Clown in Wut - Ein Deutsches Herz hat... CD / Lp (Pre-Order), Anti-System - At What Price Freedom Lp+CD, Beastmilk - Climax Lp (wieder da!), Biznaga - Sentido del Espectáculo Lp, Body Count - Bloodlust Lp+CD (wieder da!), Egotronic - Kein Argumente! 2xCD / 2xLp (Pre-Order), Fall Of Efrafa - Burial 12", Fall Of Efrafa - Tharn 12", Frittenbude - Plörre 12" + MP3, Harda Tider - Scandinavian HC Insanity Lp (endlich wieder auf Vinyl!), Herrensex - s/t 7" (farbig), Integrity - Walpurgisnacht 7", Integrity / Power Trip - Split 12", Link / Geranium - Split Lp, Misfits - 12 Hits From Hell: The 1980 MSP Session Lp, Moral Panic - s/t Lp, The Movement - Move! Lp (wieder da!), Nations On Fire - Strike The Match Lp (endlich wieder da!), Oi Polloi - Unfinished Business Lp, Oi!tercreme - Faster Harder Oi!ter 10" (farbig), Perdition - Not Just Another Anthology 2xLp (farbig), Perräs Salvajes - Aun Oueda Tiempo 7", Pig//Control - Vor den Mauern 12", Radiohead - OK Compueter 2xLp, Sól - Upheaval Lp, Split Veins - s/t Lp, Die Toten Hosen - Laune der Natur 2xCD (Special Edition) / 3xLp+2xCD, Toxoplasma - s/t Lp+MP3 (endlich wieder auf Vinyl da!), Visions Of War / Hellkrusher - Split 7", Wojczech / Social Chaos - Split 7"

Oi PolloiNations on FirePerditionDie Toten Hosen

RancidThe BusinessThe CureMacsat

News & Restocks 5.5.2017: Amen 81/Yacöpsae Split 7" (endlich wieder da!), Atonal - Keller Party Anti Pop: Freiberg Demos '88 Lp, Audio88 - Sternzeichen Hass Lp / Picture Disc (Pre-Order), The Business - 1980-81 Complete Studio Collection Lp, Clowns - Lucid Again CD / Lp (die neue Scheibe!), The Cure - The Head On The Door Lp, The Cure - Pornography Lp+MP3 (180g), Devo -  Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! Lp, Dismalfucker - Nothing Left To Worship Demotape, GG Allin & The Jabbers - 1980's Rock'n'Roll Lp (endlich wieder da!), Ho99o9 - United States Of Horror CD, Kaivosurma - Porttiteoria 7" (farbig), Macsat - Schnaps & Liebe CD / Lp+CD (farbig!), Mod Vigil - s/t Lp+MP3, Nirvana - MTV Unplugged In New York Lp+MP3 (180g), Rancid - And Out Come The Wolves (20th Anniversary Edition)) Lp+MP3 (farbig!), Rancid - Trouble Maker CD / Lp (Pre-Order), Sex Pistols - Never Mind The Bollocks... Lp+MP3 (180g), Sick Of It All - Last Act Of Defiance LP + CD (farbig / wieder da!), Slang - Hard Core Lives 7" (Japan), Sonic Youth - Goo Lp+MP3 (180g / wieder da!), Velvet Underground & Nico - s/t Lp+MP3 (180g) (wieder da!)

Audio88AtonalClownsAmen 81 / Yacöpsae


News & Restocks 28.4.2017: Bodycount - Bloodlust CD Digipak, Boysetsfire - Misery Index: Notes From... Lp (farbig), DxBxSx - Wer will denn das CD / Lp+MP3, Disco//Oslo - First LP + MP3 (farbig/wieder da!), Hammerhead - Opa war in Ordnung 7" (wieder da!), Holiday - California Steamin' Lp+MP3 (farbig/Autonomads!), Ho99o9 - United States Of Horror Lp (Pre-Order), Millencolin - For Monkeys Lp (180g / farbig!), Postford - s/t Lp+MP3, Third World Chaos (Philippinen)- New Move For Error Lp, Wolfbrigade - Run With The Hunted CD (das neue Album)
Denim Jacket, Harris 2-color Windbreaker, Kensington Jacket, Lord Canterbury Jacket, Portland Jacket, Terry Biker Jacket

Denim JacketHarris 2-color WindbreakerKensington JacketLord Canterbury Jacket

AbrissBad BrainsThe BristlesDisfear

News & Restocks 21.4.2017: Abriss - s/t 12", Allvaret - Skam Och Skuld Lp, Bad Brains - Omega Sessions 12", Blutjungs - Saufpferdchen CD + Aufnäher, Boy Division - III CD, The Bristles (swe) - Boys Will Be Boys 7", Clowns - Bad Blood Lp (wieder da!), The Cure - Rare 70s Recordings Lp, Disfear - Misanthropic Generation Lp, Echoschleife - Polaroid CD (Die Mimmis)(Pre-Order), Eläkeläiset - Humppa Of Finland CD Digipak, Kannibal Krach - Untermenschen in der Überzahl Lp+MP3 (wieder da!), Liedfett - Phoenix aus der Flasche 2xLp + MP3 (farbig) (Pre-Order), Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Where'd You Go 7" (wieder da!), Mobina Galore - Feeling Disconnected CD / Lp, Mobina Galore - A Single & A B-Side 7", Sleaford Mods - English Tapas Lp+MP3

Mobina GaloreSleaford ModsLiedfettEläkeläiset

AYSIndian NightmareBloodsucking Zombies

News & Restocks 13.4.2017: AYS - Worlds Unknown Lp / CD Digipak, Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space - Anatomy Of The Dead (Live Unlugged) 2xLp / CD Digipak (wieder da!), Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space - Mörder Blues 2 CD, Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space - Decade of Decay CD Digipak, Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space - Return Of The BZFOS Lp, Bombenalarm - No Mistakes Lp, Chaos UK - Burning Britain 2xLp (farbig!), Germ Attack - They Live We Sleep Lp, Steve Ignorant With Paranoid Visions - Now.. Lp+CD, Indian Nightmare - Taking Back The Land Lp+MP3 (Pre-Order), Indian Nightmare - Taking Back The Land Lp+MP3 Special Edition (Pre-Order), Instinct Of Survival - Winter In My Mind 7" (wieder da!), Kapot - Alles geht Kapot Lp + MP3, King Dude / (DOLCH) Split 7" (Black Edition), Lambs - Eis bestellen/Inventar zerlegen Lp + MP3, Memoriam - For The Fallen Lp, Terrorgruppe - Superblechdose (Live) div. Editionen

Nietengürtel VeganTerrorgruppeLambs

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