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Rancid - Let's go Lp

Rancid - Lets go Lp
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Die 2023er Neuauflage der Lp!

Rancid"s classic second LP, originally released in 1994, is disarmingly good from start to finish. With roots set firmly in their Berkeley punk rock origins, on Let"s Go Rancid set out with heart, soul and vehemence to reach new heights in their music. Some of the highlights are "Salvation," "Radio," and "Nihilism," but all the of the songs bristle with the unmatched signature of Tim Armstrong"s intensely evocative writing style.

Recorded in their hometown of Berkeley CA, at legendary Fantasy Studios and mixed in Los Angeles at Westbeach Recorders, Let"s Go foreshadows the ground breaking success that would be found on their next record, And Out Come the Wolves.

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Black Flag - my war LP

Offizielle Neuauflage!
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Tragedy (bird) Motiv TShirt

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Bad Religion - The Process of Belief col. Lp
As described in 2002:
The music has the furious beat and driving buzz saw guitars of classic punk rock, but when a vocal chorus cuts in, it is surprisingly harmonious and emotionally evocative, reminiscent of The Beatles or The Everly Brothers.
This is a sonic contradiction that works to stunning effect. It is also a sound that has come to define one of the world's most original rock bands, Bad Religion. Including the hit track 'Sorrow'.
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