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Full Speed Ahead - The Remixes

Full Speed Ahead - The Remixes
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2,00 EUR
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Vinyl: NM
Cover: VG+

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Oxo 86 – …and the usual suspects (rot) Lp
Versandtermin: Ende Septemer 2023
Farbe: trans-red with white splashes  

Yes, it´s true….a new OXO86 album will come! And there´s a simple reason, why we wrote this time only in english:
Oxo86 together with a bunch of mates from different well known bands singing for the first time in english!!!
Hey tonight! We do anything we wanna do! We proudly presents „….and the usual suspects!“
Bernau´s calling:
„Yes, we did it and re-recorded some of our songs in English. It wasn't easy for us, because our GDR school English is just good enough for a conversation in the schoolyard. So we asked a few guys who speak English to lend us their voices (performed together with singer Willy and the whole band!).
Ladies and gentlemen! Unbelievable but true, it’s finally here!“

23,90 EUR
inkl. 19 % MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten

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