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Die Ärzte - m+f 12
Specialprice 8,90 EUR
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Punk/Hardcore International

Punk/Hardcore International

Punk- und Hardcorebands aus dem Rest der Welt, einschließlich deutschstämmigen Bands mit nicht deutschsprachigen Texten.

Dezerter - Decydujace Starcie Lp

2001 album by one of Poland's most active and longest running punk bands. Finally available on vinyl!

9,90 EUR
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Dezerter - Kolaboracja II (30th anniversary edition) Lp
The second full-studio album of the most important Polish punk band, released in 1988.
The new edition for the 30th birthday with an extra cover and a large insert including lyrics, photos, etc. One of the absolute must have DEZERTER albums! Recorded in May '88 at Studio PR, Opole. Mixed at Studio Wawrzyszew, July '88. Track A2 mixed at Studio Manta '97. This version of the album contains completed guitar parts and full version of "Budujesz Faszyzm Przez Nietolerancje".
12,90 EUR
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Dezerter - Mam Kly Mam Pazury Lp
DEZERTER's 6th album from 1996! You can definitly hear their unique style of punk! Since 1981 they developed a lot at what they do best: playing angry punk with political lyrics sung in Polish.
11,90 EUR
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Diagnosis? Bastard! - Silenciado Lp

DIAGNOSIS? BASTARD! features members of VICTIMS and NITAD and bring you 12 bombers of hateful, distörted Swedish hardcore punk that tend to drift into d-beat territory from time to time. Does this sound like your cup of tea? Kink Rec.

13,90 EUR
16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Dictadura - Bajo La Sombra Del Miedo Lp
TOXIC REASONS-influenced hc punk from Zarautz, Spain. Great f*ckin' record that deserves more attention.
Special price 9,00 EUR
16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Disaffect - Still Chained (Discography) 2xLP+MP3
Gatefold 2x Lp mit 16-Seitigem Booklet, darin Texte und Linernotes

Die gesamte Diskographie dieser kurzlebigen, aber einflussreichen Anarcho-Punk-Band aus den frühen 90er Jahren aus Glasgow, Schottland.
Anarcho-Punk mit kleinen Crust-Punk Einflüssen. Fe/male Vocals. Die DISAFFECT-Diskographie enthält die EP "An Injury To One ..." 7 von 1992, die Split 7 "mit SEDITION von 1993, die EP" Home Of The Brave "7 von 1993 (dreimal neu aufgelegt!) und ihre 1994 veröffentlichte Debüt-LP "Chained To Morality" sowie die extrem seltenen Split 7 "mit BIZARRE UPROAR.
Als Bonus gibt's die besten Tracks des" Demotape "von 1991 mit den fehlenden Tracks als Download.
21,90 EUR
16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Disorder / Agathocles Split Lp

Bristol Punk Pioneers DISORDER formed around 1980, Disorder is one of the few 'big' names of UK hardcore still going strong today. The LP contains their live recordings from the Sneek Festival Gig in april 2014 raw and very intense. Nine tracks of traditional UK noisepunk. Legendary Show!!!! No more words needed!!!!!!!!!! The other side contains the next big name, AGATHOCLES mince core gods from belgium team up with 8 live mincecore attacks in perfect soundboard quality recorded at the Youthclub in Geel/Belgium march 2014. The LP comes in an inside-outside printed cover. Nice looking packaging.

12,50 EUR
16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Distorted: Göttingen Meets Prague Comp. Lp
Three bands from Prague and three bands from Göttingen convene on a dirty piece of vinyl for some rage and wild sounds. Punk.

Göttingen side: Abrupt / Dishonoured / Postmortal Erection
Prague side: Angry Brigade / Just Wär / Krüger
10,90 EUR
16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Distrust - A Dream Of Peace 2xLp
F.O.A.D. Records, double black vinyl, ltd 400, gatefold cover, FOAD's legacy with Göteborg Hardcore/Punk pioneering bands goes on!
After unearthing the early recordings of the speed Hardcore maniacs ASOCIAL, it's time for another classic act of the same "family".. DISTRUST! Brief history: Distrust came together in the summer of 1983 when the 2 brothers Kenneth & Tommy (from B.T.D.) joined Håkan & Peter L (before in Why War?). Håkan had just started singing in Asocial (later on drums) and Tompa (Asocial) lived next door to Kenneth and Tommy so it was natural those two bands did a lot of things together. After that Distrust dissolved in the end of -84 or early -85 Kenneth joining Asocial on bass (later on guitar). This double LP discography includes all their existing recordings compiled by Håkan straight from the master tapes for the best sounding result..
"A dream of peace" Demo 1983, "Vi Rustar Dom Dör" Demo 1984, the split live tape with Asocial, all tracks from "No War No More 1 & 2", "Really Fast Vol.II" plus extra rehearsal and live tracks, for a total of 61 songs of uncompromised Swedish Punk/Hardcore mangel!! They sound as raw and furious as ASOCIAL with an even punker approach.[...]
Special price 19,90 EUR
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Drux - s/t Lp
Straight ahead 80s style influenced hardcore filled with punching mid tempo parts, showing hints of classic Boston style like SSD with the UK82 sound of Chaos UK. There‘s a video of an old Negative Approach show where a bunch of young Hardcore kids are going wild in front of the stage. They were singing along and slam-dancing to every single song. Every time I think about this gig I’m like ‘Damn, I need to time-travel straight to the 80’s’. As this won’t work out in the near future I’m more than stoked about the fact that there’s a new band from Leipzig / Germany that brings back the same energy and [...]
12,90 EUR
16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
DS-13 - Umeå Hardcore Forever 2xLp (col.)
Coloured vinyl edition!

DS 13, Spela Snabbare Records and Havoc Records present the compiled works of DS 13 from their 7"s, splits and compilations. 67 tracks total in a nice gatefold sleeve just in time for the 20th anniversary of the first 7".
22,00 EUR
16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Eat//Read//Sleep - Live Fast//Die Whenever Lp+MP3

Farbig! EAT//READ//SLEEP, gegründet 2014 in Tübingen, veröffentlichen mit LIVE SLOW // DIE WHENEVER ihr Debutalbum. Die Band ist neu und doch sind die einzelnen Bandmitglieder keine Unbekannten mehr. Im einzelnen: Helen Runge und Moritz Kehle kommen von Hysterese/Derby Dolls, Fabe Schaller von Tidal/Renderings, Martin Pierzchala von Dead End Guys/Imaginary War und Daniel Butz von der Stumfol-Band Clap Your Hands Twice. Das nun hier vorliegende Album wurde 2016 in Fabes Milcherk Studio in Tübingen aufgenommen. Nach eigenen Aussagen wollte die Band zunächst einfach ein abwechslungsreiches Punk Rock Album machen, hat dabei aber recht zügig das Genre aus den Augen verloren. Zu hören ist nun profund dargebotener Punk Rock mit Synthi, abwechslungsreich, bisweilen auch ausgefallen. Hinzu kommen stark rockige Elemente, immer mit Fokus auf Melodie, furchtlos poppige Momente und die ein oder andere 90er Reminiszenz, gepaart mit geekigen Texten, die sich hauptsächlich um Entschleunigung und Schwächen drehen.

Special price 11,90 EUR
16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
El Banda - Skutki Uboczne 2xLp
"This record is incredible! From beginning to end it's solid; one of the few double-LPs leaving you wanting more! It's dark and gritty lady-fronted hardcore from Poland, with some mid-tempo and melodic stuff. There's some harmonizing vocals and some songs with a horn viola instrumentation (very tastefully done, though). But for the most part, this album is a rager; crushing, gloomy and fucking epic. [...]
18,90 EUR
16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Emils - Fight Together For... Lp+7
Includes a bonus EP with 4 previously unreleased live cover songs, a 12-page booklet with liner notes / pictures from the past.

Official reissue of legendary debut LP by EMILS. Hardcore-influenced German punk.

18,90 EUR
16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Enamorados - s/t 12
ENAMORADOS is a new band out of Barcelona featuring members of TRANCE, ORDEN MUNDIAL, DESTINO FINAL, SUICIDAS and CARNE. They play punk, but not the contemporary kind we are accustomed to hearing. Stylistically they are rooted in the mid 70’s while touching upon elements of power pop meets punk/punk meets raw power pop.
12,00 EUR
16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Enzyme - Howling Mind Lp
After two 7?s on Crust War and Hardcore Victim and a Tour flexi in Japan on Vox Populi Records, Australian noise-punx Enzyme release their debut 10 track debut album. The band made up of ex members of PISSCHRIST, KROMOSOM and UNKNOWN TO GOD worship at the altar of Perdition era DISORDER, CHAOS UK and CONFUSE. The bass drives the sound, the drums hectic with a lot of rolling tom tom work whilst the guitar has an immense tone of buzzing distortion and flanged psychedelics which sits somewhere between GLOOM and LES RAZILLES DENUDES. Pummeling, assertive one-two hardcore with a visceral-physical without stupidity, clever but unpretentious venomous vocals. Recorded by Jason Fuller at Goatsound and mastered by Shige at Noise Room Howling Mind comes with sleeve and 16 page booked designed by Zach Malakonas.
Special price 13,90 EUR
16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs