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2. Wahl [Di:Unru] - Misophonia Lp
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My Fest - DVD
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Punk/Hardcore International

Punk/Hardcore International

Punk- und Hardcorebands aus dem Rest der Welt, einschließlich deutschstämmigen Bands mit nicht deutschsprachigen Texten.

Gewapend Beton - 17 Until We Die Lp

Preis gilt bis Ende 2016

7,00 EUR
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Gewapend Beton - Big Dumb Kids Lp

Es ist Zeit, mit „Big Dumb Kids“ ein Album mit einem Titel auszupacken, der die Erinnerung daran widerspiegelt, was es heißt, sich in den Punkrock zu verlieben, aber gleichzeitig die Reife einer Band spüren lässt, die seit acht Jahren Songs schreibt, tourt und spielt. „Big Dumb Kids“ reiht eine dreckige Punkrock Hymne an die nächste, Hook folgt auf Hook. Der frühe Punk und Hardcore wird nicht verleugnet, doch der Sound nagelt GEWAPEND BETON in nicht nur einer Genre Ecke fest. Sie sind rockiger geworden als früher. Der Sound ist derart voller Energie, dass man nur die Augen schließen muss und sich mitten zwischen slamdancenden Körpern auf einer Show wähnt. GEWAPEND BETON liefern hier eine moderne Hommage an den klassischen Punk und Hardcore ab, deren Intensität fast nicht zu überbieten ist. Klappcover.

9,00 EUR
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GG Allin - E.M.F. Lp
Zweites Studioalbum der geisteskranken Punk-Hardcore Legende
14,90 EUR
16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
GISM - Detestation/M.A.N. 2xLp

Both albums, "Detestation" and "M.A.N.", and a bunch of compilation songs on a double Lp. Comes in a big fold-out cover/poster. Japanese kult! Period.

21,90 EUR
16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Good Riddance - Peace In Our Time Lp+MP3
9 Jahre hat es gedauert, nun haben GOOD RIDDANCE endlich wieder ein neues Album am Start!
17,90 EUR
16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Goodbye Fairground - I Dont Belong Here Anymore Lp

Achtung Paradoxon: Aus der Asche von Goodbye Fairground entsteht mit dem neuen Album wer genau? Richtig: Goodbye Fairground. Hört sich komisch an, ist aber so: denn von der ursprünglich mal als Sextett gestarteten Band sind nunmehr, drei Jahre nach ihrem ersten Longplayer auf Concrete Jungle, nur noch drei der Stammbesetzung übergeblieben. Das wäre Grund genug für die meissten Bands das Handtuch zu werfen – nochmal den ganzen Mist mit neuen Leuten? Wer hat da Bock drauf, der nicht 16 ist? Oder kurz: sowas richtet in der Regel die meisten Band zu Grunde. Nicht so die hier. Evtl. war das sogar ein Befreiungsschlag, denn die neuen Songs hören sich einfach irre locker aus der Hüfte gespielt an. Uhhh, bei dem Satz wird mir gerade selber etwas übel… Aber was solls, so ist es halt.

Special price 9,00 EUR
16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Government Flu - Are You Sorry Now?

First "Album" by this 80s Hardcore tribute crew. Travel in time guaranteed and similar but not to confuse with GOVERNMENT WARNING even if they share the same love and powerful outrage of "Old School" and crazy shortcut US Punk attacks. Get this and don't forget to check out the previous 7"s!!!

11,90 EUR
16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Government Flu - Singles Collection Lp
Special price 10,00 EUR
16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Government Flu - Vile Life 12 (farbig!)

Gov Flu is not letting anyone catch a breath as they return with another punch to the gut. Usually, HC bands are over, burned out or bored of themselves after their 2nd or 3rd recordings, but this isn't the case here. With each batch of new material, Gov Flu sets the bar higher and higher. There is no shortage of inspiration because the reality in their homeland of Poland, as well as the rest of the world is getting more and more fucked up by the day. The result is their new 12” is faster and more aggressive, combined with a pissed-off hardcore stomp. Are you seeing a rise of flag-waving, bat-carrying mobs with foam in their mouths taking streets of your town? Open your window, play this record loud and let all these bigots know that they're going to lose!

14,90 EUR
16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Grabuge - Perdu dAvance 12
Get lost in memories of old French classic tunes mixed with this special kind of melancholy that we all seem to like over the last years from bands such as Syndrome 81, Traitre, Litovsk or old heroes like Camera Silens... still knowing the next song could be hitting as hard as a Lions Law, Street Kids, Gonna Get Yours, Zone Infinie or Coupe Gorge tunes from today. This record delivers 7 Songs by this young group from Aire Sur La Lys, France. These guys are young and fresh and, yet, unknown but sure to leave a mark on the scene in the coming years.
12,90 EUR
16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Grand Collapse - Along The Dew Lp + MP3 (farbig)
We are incredibly excited to bring you the second album from Cardiff’s hardcore punks GRAND COLLAPSE. "Along The Dew" does not disappoint and perfectly follows on from the bands frantic 2014 debut "Far From The Callous Crowd". The new album "Along The Dew" delivers everything you expect from GRAND COLLAPSE; it's an aggressive, non-stop full throttle forward beast of raw energy and massive riffs! This is a joint release with TNS Records and URINAL VINYL from the UK. This is what the band has to say about the album. “We've spent the last three years touring the "Far From The Callous Crowd" record to death so at the beginning of 2016 we thought it about time we cracked on with making a new album. Writing and performing new songs was a breath of fresh air and we were excited to capture it in the studio. On reflection I think this album is more chaotic and aggressive than the first. It has a lot of energy, a ton of riffs and is unrelenting in pace. Topically I’ve covered the DSEI arms fair, our trial against the UKBA, the convenient death of Luciano Ponzetto & the harrowing nature of domestic abuse. The title track, Along the Dew, is a fictional short story about a fallen huntsman struggling through the wintry earth and being chewed by woodland creatures....
11,50 EUR
16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Gulag Beach - Favela Blues Mini Lp (col.)

Hier kommt der Soundtrack zur Revolution von den Old school HC/Punk Überflieger aus Berlin. Nachdem sich die erste Platte um Nordkorea drehte, wird der ironisch-sarkastische Befreiungskampf nun ausgeweitet: Neben Kim Jong-Uns repressiven Unterdrückungsapparat werden die Favelas in Südamerika, das autoritäre System in Russland, die Foltermethoden der C.I.A. und Pol Pots Terrorherrschaft in Kambodscha thematisiert. Der dreckige Sound gibt den sechs melodischen Songs einen einzigartigen Charme. Die Scheibe wurde in der legendären K.V.U. in Berlin aufgenommen, kommt im coloured Vinyl und ist auf 500 Stück limitiert.

10,90 EUR
16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Gulag Beach - Potato Mash Bash Lp
Berlin's Amoeba-Underground-Surf-Line Up is back on their fourth release with eight tongue-shearing hip-shakes in the corner of Black Hole & Beach Boulevard and cracks open nuts of all angry German potato-citizens with the opener "Potato Mash Bash", wonderful! At the other end "DINTE" as chainsaw ripper graduation with the active support of many guests on the mic, friendship without borders, punk with exclamation marks! Between? Whether it's an amphetamine addiction cream cut from the ZERO BOYS tube, or MODERN ACTION / BODIES sounding mode in the vein of [...]
12,00 EUR
16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Gutara Kyo - s/t 10
GUTARA KYO, which coincidentally roughly translates to "Crazy Slovenlies". Blaring this record brought us back to the first time we heard BAD BRAINS as teenagers, which sent blood rushing into the skull, pulsing & curdling in our adolescent disbelief & delight, the kind of sensation adults try to recreate by sniffing things into their noses. There is a youthful fury & hilarity in Matsumoto-san's Japanese hollerings, over a piercing skree from album start to finish which is at times almost painful on the eardrums. Somehow simultaneously harnessing the staggering garage punk exuberance of TEENGENERATE and the blistering hardcore urgency of LOS CRUDOS, perfect imperfection has been achieved on this immaculate 10-inch [...]
15,90 EUR
16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
H.I.C. Systeemi - Total Blackout Lp

Another reissue of a great Finnish classic. This LP contains H.I.C. SYSTEEMI's recordings from 1981 - 85. 12 songs from their first LP + 8 bonus songs. Comes with big poster sheet incll lyrics, old fotos, band info etc.

13,50 EUR
16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Halshug - Sort Sind Lp

Formed in Copenhagen two years ago, the riotous young act, HALSHUG, unloads some of the most traditionally-styled but urgently unloaded traditional crust punk/d-beat hardcore to be found. The enraged sentiment of archetypal leaders of the genre, DOOM, ANTI CIMEX, and no doubt, DISCHARGE, and direct influence drawn from INFERNÖH, HOAX and DEATH TOKEN, is unapologetic in its presence in the band's delivery, which, fueled by society's modern-day ills, finds HALSHUG already in line with Nuclear Death Terror, Wolfbrigade, Skitsystem etc..

16,90 EUR
16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs