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Option weg - Wenn der Rücksitz brennt CD

Option weg - Wenn der Rücksitz brennt CD
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„option weg“ machen Musik mit Bass, Schlagzeug, Gitarre, Geige, Quetsche, ihren Stimmen und ihren Gedanken. „option weg“ ist ein musikalischer Gemischtwarenladen, in dem auch der gute alte YOK wieder seine Textsplitter feilbietet. Anja, Hella, Steffen und Yok kommen aus Berlin und außerdem aus allen Bereichen der linken Subkultur von Zirkus bis Theater, von Punkband bis Strassenmusik, von Revolte Springen und TUM bis hin zu Daisy Chain und Flexicute. 12 Songs, 4 Stimmen, ein Videoclip - 10 Tacken.

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The album starts with ''Tortuga'', a song about people that wake up in theirown land, degenerated in a really blind indifference. ''La Sedia Vuota'' tells about history and ideals of Ernesto Che Guevara, that still movesthe consciences of many people with his exemplary life. ''Il Passo del Caciurdo'' has been written against racism and intolerance caused by the disinterest of Italians (made inert by Berlusconi’s power) and the indifference of those parties that call themselves ''left-winger'', but are too far from the ''streets'' to understand the real matter of new xenophobia, that rise up dangerously in the streets (with neo-nazi and neo-fascist organizations) and on Parliament (with parties like Lega Nord, Forza Italia, Alleanza Nazionale, ecc.). The evil of new xenophobia is not only in Italy, but everywhere ignorance marches with people indifference. After two instrumental songs (''Combat Circus'' and ''Venghino Signori Venghino''), ''La Carovana'' speaks about all the land that has been outraged by stupid wars and terrorism, where, everyday, great non-government humanitarian organizations fight against every economic abuse of power of the arrogant West.''Testamento di un buffone'' exhort people to never drop their own ideals for futile compromises, as our institutional Left-parties are doing in these years. While politicians take care of their power,people of the streets fight with their own values and ideas.And here is another song written against economic wars: ''Oro Nero'' make us think about USA work against the rest of the world.And while the international ''Bell Ciao'' commemorates all partisans that fought and still fight against every kind of discrimination and oppression, ''La Fabbrica del dissenso'' walks with the most numerous and oppressed People: the world of suburbs.The last song is a ballad, ''Diari perduti'', ispired by ''la Notte dei Lapis'', not to forget the history of desaparecidos and all the atrocities committed by USA in Latin America.Talco are back with their anti-fascist and anti-racists patchanka ska punk…The ''combat Circus'' has been opened…
12,90 EUR
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