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10-Loch Vegetarian
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Punk/Hardcore International

Punk/Hardcore International

Punk- und Hardcorebands aus dem Rest der Welt, einschließlich deutschstämmigen Bands mit nicht deutschsprachigen Texten.

Fat Music Vol. 8 - Going Nowhere Fat Lp col.
25 Tracks aus dem Hause Fat Wreck, der Sampler stammt aus dem Jahr 2015
Farbiges Vinyl, incl mp3 Code!

1. Banner Pilot – Modern Shakes 2. Masked Intruder – The Most Beautiful Girl 3. Lagwagon – The Cog in the Machine 4. Pears – Snowflake * 5. Mad Caddies – Shoot Out the Lights 6. Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – Straight Up 7. toyGuitar – When It Was Over 8. Get Dead – Welcome To Hell 9. CJ Ramone – One More Chance 10. Good Riddance – Running on Fumes 11. Night Birds – Left in the Middle * 12. Less Than Jake – Good Enough 13. Strung Out – Rats in the Walls 14. The Flatliners – Bury Me 15. Darius Koski – Fond Of, Lost To 16. Leftover Crack – The Lie of Luck * 17. Bad Cop/Bad Cop – Nightmare 18. Old Man Markley – Stupid Today 19. Morning Glory – Life’s a Long Revenge 20. NOFX – SF Clits (Demo Version) * 21. Snuff – In the Stocks 22. Swingin’ Utters – Taking on the Stale Green Light * 23. Western Addiction – Ex-Humans * 24. The Real McKenzies – Up on a Motorbike 25. Home Street Home – Monsters
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Fatal Response: Rescue Ladders & Human Barricade Comp. Lp (col.)

Vinyl release of a rare compilation tape from the Philippines from the year 1986. Great and obscure punk gems from a far-away corner of the earth. Tons of great bands to discover here!

17,90 EUR
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Fightback / Hazard - Realities of Hardcore Punk Lp
The vinyl version from Hiroshima's BLOODSUCKER RECORDS CD is out ! For those who are not familiar with these two Tokyo Hard Core bands, FIGHTBACK play fast and angry hardcore, that reminds me of Bastard's DEAR COPS ! 5 slaughtering hardcore assaults for them, including a DISCHARGE cover that you can already guess from their band name. The band has an amazing pedigree including Tokurow from Bastard / Judgement and Ironfist Tatsushima (G.I.S.M., Crow, Die You Bastard!, etc...) on this record. HAZARD is a long-time running hardcore punk band feat. members of DSB among others, delivering primitive bursts of chaos and aggression since 1991.
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Fleshhead Attack - Brain Parasite Lp+Poster

Ein neues Quartett aus Eisenach reiht sich in den Hardcore-Reigen ein. Hier gibt's fuzzy, distorted Garage-Hardcore auf die Mütze. Die Mischung macht's: der Sänger klingt schön rotzig und angepisst, der Gitarrist sägt sich schön fuzzy durch schnelle, eingängige Hardcore-Riffs, die auch aus dem Anfang-2000er-80s-Revival stammen könnten (so Richtung TEAR IT UP/DS-13) nur eben in anderem Soundgewand und der Drummer kloppt sich punkig durch die 12 Songs des Albums und haut ab und zu mal ein rociges Solo rein. So muss das sein. Empfehlung! Zur Lp gibt's auch noch Sticker und Poster. Bestens.

Special price 8,90 EUR
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Foreseen - Grave Danger Lp
Returning a few years and a few tours after 2014's Helsinki Savagery debut set the world ablaze, Finland's Foreseen are back with the savage, topically resonant crossover burst Grave Danger, set for European release on April 24th via Svart Records. 20 Buck Spin, who released Foreseen's Helsinki Savagery, will be handling the release of Grave Danger for North America. Continuing the direction of its predecessor, Grave Danger delivers the punishingly relentless pace and aggression now firmly established by the iron hammer of Foreseen. Here, find scraping, throat-ripping vocals over lacerating thrash dominance and possessed hardcore breakdowns that twist seamlessly with an ever-increasing '80s heavy metal tenacity, exemplified on tracks like "Fearmonger," "Bloodline," and "Chemical Heritage".
18,90 EUR
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Foreseen - Helsinki Savagery Lp (col.)

Raging crossover thrash from Helsinki. Killer Lp! For fans of: CRUMBSUCKERS, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, CRO-MAGS, LEEWAY, DRI and such.

10,90 EUR
16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Forward (jap) - Another Dimension 7
If you’re not familiar with this band, let me fill you in on these lovely lads and their history: Tokyo, Japan's FORWARD formed in 1996 after the break up of legendary Tokyo Hardcore band DEATHSIDE, with lead singer Ishiya and bassist You to start a new band that would continue "Forward" with new Punk sounds. FORWARD have been playing assaulting melodic hardcore punk since 1996 and triumph with every release. Here's some essential Japanese hardcore from FORWARD. These guys have delivered super-charged, balls-to-the-wall hardcore punk since the late 90's [...]
5,90 EUR
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France - Québec Face à Face Comp. 12

Awesome fourfold split EP of some of the leading antiracist Oi! bands from France and Canada: One track each by Hors Controle, 22 Longs Riffs, The Prowlers and La Gachette on a 12″. Great release!

10,90 EUR
16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Frenzal Rhomb - Hi-Vis High Tea Lp+MP3

Australian punks FRENZAL RHOMB have announced the release of their upcoming ninth album. For "Hi-Vis High Tea", FRENZAL RHOMB pulled out all the stops, and returned to the unswerving Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore at the Blasting Room to create 20 blistering tracks clocking in at just over 30 minutes.

16,90 EUR
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Funeral Dress - Global Warning Lp
Last studio album by Belgium's punk & Oi! institution FUNERAL DRESS. This one is from 2009. Get ready for the next pogo party with these 13 anthemic punk tunes.
14,90 EUR
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Furies - s/t Lp
FURIES have graduated with flying colors at the Rock N' Roll Highschool, then they convinced audiences on their tour with BISHOPS GREEN and GRADE 2 in April. Finally, the debut album of the FURIES from Madrid is here. Furious, RAMONES influenced Punkrock, enriched with some glam attitude and rough but charming Australian Sharpie sound. The three piece band fronted by singer Maria was founded in 2014, and if you listen to them for the first time, names such as SUZIE QUATRO, THE DONNAS or THE RUNAWAYS come to mind. If you dig the sound of bands such as SHANDY or GIUDA, you will absolutely fall in love with the FURIES. Artwork by the legendary Tony Crazeekid, produced by Lorenzo from GIUDA.
13,90 EUR
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G.A.T.E.S. - Back From The Grave Lp (col.)
After 18 years of evil, Tokyo punk metal bastards G.A.T.E.S. finally release their debut album! Preceded by a battery of demos, singles and splits to lay the foundations, the metalpunk pioneers have shared black gold with the likes of Children of Technology, Blüdwülf and none-more-honourable than Disclose, the enduring legacy of D-Beat Master Kawakami. Hammering drums of hell are the cavalry, double-bass madness and d-beat chaos driving relentlessly forward. Loose and sleazy bass work is the artillery, unleashing salvo after salvo with a filth-laden swagger worthy of Motörhead. Razorsharp guitar riffage is the infantry, swarming the battlefield with diverse tactics to attain supremacy and slaughter without mercy. Vocals are the imperious command HQ, ex-Coffins/Church Of Misery throatshredder Yoshiaki Negishi assaulting [...]
16,90 EUR
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Gewapend Beton - 17 Until We Die Lp

Preis gilt bis Ende 2016

7,00 EUR
16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Gewapend Beton - Big Dumb Kids Lp

Es ist Zeit, mit „Big Dumb Kids“ ein Album mit einem Titel auszupacken, der die Erinnerung daran widerspiegelt, was es heißt, sich in den Punkrock zu verlieben, aber gleichzeitig die Reife einer Band spüren lässt, die seit acht Jahren Songs schreibt, tourt und spielt. „Big Dumb Kids“ reiht eine dreckige Punkrock Hymne an die nächste, Hook folgt auf Hook. Der frühe Punk und Hardcore wird nicht verleugnet, doch der Sound nagelt GEWAPEND BETON in nicht nur einer Genre Ecke fest. Sie sind rockiger geworden als früher. Der Sound ist derart voller Energie, dass man nur die Augen schließen muss und sich mitten zwischen slamdancenden Körpern auf einer Show wähnt. GEWAPEND BETON liefern hier eine moderne Hommage an den klassischen Punk und Hardcore ab, deren Intensität fast nicht zu überbieten ist. Klappcover.

9,00 EUR
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