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Being Vegetarian Is Not A Crime - Girlie
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Punk/Hardcore International

Punk/Hardcore International

Punk- und Hardcorebands aus dem Rest der Welt, einschließlich deutschstämmigen Bands mit nicht deutschsprachigen Texten.

Dayglo Abortions - Corporate Whores Lp

Canada-import! Vinyl reissue of their 1996 album, this one mostly goes back to the style of their classic mid-'80s material, but keeps some of their later metalcore influences, too. As always, this long-running Vancouver band's lyrics are waaaay rude and politically incorrect as hell. Original artwork.

14,90 EUR
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Dayglo Abortions - Feed Us A Fetus Lp (Deluxe Ed.)

Argh, fuck, kill!! "Feed Us A Fetus" is now 30 years old!! Due to popular demand, here it is once again, in a deluxe 30th anniversary gatefold edition sleeve with a 61cm x 61cm poster.

Dayglo's "Feed Us A Fetus" is their second full-length album, originally released in 1986. This is hands-down, the best Canadian punk record to emerge from
the 80's!! Aside from collecting most of the songs from their first 12” record entitled "Out Of The Womb" (1981), it also contains many brand new
songs (at the time) that were even better than those on the first album.

15,90 EUR
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Dead Koys - Wehringhausen Lp+MP3

Directly from the heart of the dusty “Ruhr”-area the DEAD KOYS release their newest work “Wehringhausen”.
This is their third EP, which got named after a suburb of the city of Hagen. Reasons are obvious: Wehringhausen is where the DEAD KOYS rehearse, where they garner their ideas and where they recorded this EP full of charm, emotions and recall value. Without becoming one in a million punk bands, the DEAD KOYS create their own sound somewhere in between of dusty melodic punk and the emo-stuff that reminds us of the 90s.

Special price 10,00 EUR
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Decraneo - Sacrilegio 7

DECRANEO "Sacrilegio" 4 track 7". Great & melodic punkrock from Mallorca. Amazing songs!

Special price 4,90 EUR
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Defektdefekt - s/t Lp
defektdefekt is a British-German trio that draws their main influences from the UK sound that happened between 1979 and '81. Call it post punk, new wave or garage punk - everything and nothing fits their sound.

The members of the band were or are still in active in bands such as Trashmonkeys, Gruppe 80, The Moorat Fingers, Messerknecht, The Cool Jerks, Chung, Shakin Nasties, International Removals, Cross Stiched Eyes, M.o.t.o, Zygote, Sonny Vincent... maybe that gives you a hint!
15,90 EUR
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Défonce - s/t Lp
Debut LP of the new Canadian punk/Oi! band called Défonce! Nine tracks sung in French. This is the first release presenting a sound that is very reminiscent of the sound of classic 80s French bands. The record also includes a WARRIOR KIDS cover song "Adolescent" (Classic!). If you like French bands as Kronstadt, Traitre or early Warrior Kids, you should try this one!

9 tracks.
Common People Records.
Special price 12,90 EUR
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Desarraigo / Schwach – Split EP
7-Song Split EP. Die Berliner Youth Crew Hardcore Avantgarde Schwach trifft auf den kolumbianischen HC/Punk-Vierer Desarraigo aus Cali.
Die 7" kommt im hübsch bebilderten Faltcover plus Textblatt und ist limitiert auf nur 300 Exemplare. Ein fulminantes Vergnügen!
7,90 EUR
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Détente - Recognize No Authority Lp
Re-Release, Grünes Vinyl, Ami-Version
Special price 16,90 EUR
16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Deuter - Demos 1981 - 1984 Lp
We are proud to present a highly anticipated release: Deuter, with recordings from their earliest and most punk period. This album fills a huge gap, because until now these recordings were not available on such a noble medium. Deuter, along with Dezerter and TZN Xenna, was the driving force behind the second wave of Warsaw punk in the early ‘80’s and one of the most significant bands in Poland. The group was unable to properly record their activity at that time, and afterwards they went through stylistic changes that can be heard on the vinyl EP and LP that were released in later years. No attachment to a single musical formula and a constant search for new means of expression meant that some of Deuter’s work wasn’t always remembered, appreciated or noticed. Perhaps contributing to this was also their conscious absence from the Jarocin Festival. Both at a musical and lyrical level, Deuter’s songs carried a huge emotional load, and even after more than 30 years since they were recorded they haven’t lost any of their power. [...]
15,00 EUR
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Dezerter - 4 Song 7
Originally released in 1983 and still in "Iron Curtain" times, thus was the reason to record some old songs with a female singer. Over a decade later, this 7" became a classic itself, and is one of the best Dezerter recordings ever. Mrs Nosowska (the singer on this release) made a serious career in the showbiz in Poland with her own indie band "HEY" and her solo albums. She still does appear on stage during some Dezerter live shows and adores La Fraction since they shared a stage during Conflict reunion show in London in late 1990s.
The EP comes packaged in a gatefold sleeve with lyrics and their translations.
4,90 EUR
16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Dezerter - Decydujace Starcie Lp

2001 album by one of Poland's most active and longest running punk bands. Finally available on vinyl!

9,90 EUR
16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
Dezerter - Kolaboracja II (30th anniversary edition) Lp
The second full-studio album of the most important Polish punk band, released in 1988.
The new edition for the 30th birthday with an extra cover and a large insert including lyrics, photos, etc. One of the absolute must have DEZERTER albums! Recorded in May '88 at Studio PR, Opole. Mixed at Studio Wawrzyszew, July '88. Track A2 mixed at Studio Manta '97. This version of the album contains completed guitar parts and full version of "Budujesz Faszyzm Przez Nietolerancje".
12,90 EUR
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Dezerter - Mam Kly Mam Pazury Lp
DEZERTER's 6th album from 1996! You can definitly hear their unique style of punk! Since 1981 they developed a lot at what they do best: playing angry punk with political lyrics sung in Polish.
11,90 EUR
16 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs