Misfits - Collection Lp

Art.Nr.: 443321

Offizielles Repress der 1. Collection, Plan 9 (Ami-Version) in schöner Aufmachung

A1 She A2 Hollywood Babylon A3 Bullet A4 Horror Business A5 Teenagers From Mars A6 Night Of The Living Dead A7 Where Eagles Dare A8 Vampira A9 I Turned Into A Martian A10 Skulls B1 London Dungeon B2 Ghouls Night Out B3 Astro Zombies B4 Mommy Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight? B5 Die, Die My Darling B6 Earth A.D. B7 Devilock B8 Death Comes Ripping B9 Green Hell B10 Wolfsblood


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Misfits - Collection Lp