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The Comes (jap) - No Side Lp

The Comes (jap) - No Side Lp
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Official reissue of seminal Japanese Hardcore band THE COMES debut.

Originally released in 1983 on Dogma Records, a newly created City Rocker’s side label to release Hardcore/ Hard punk, "No Side" remains a milestone of first wave Japanese Hardcore. A vital document to understand the days when the Tokyo Hardcore scene was small and unknown with G.I.S.M., EXECUTE, GAUZE and THE COMES as main runners. Bands who shared stages, record labels and who grew to be one of the most varied, influential and enigmatic punk scenes of the planet. THE COMES music is frantic and sharp punk, bass driven and manic sounding with vocalist Chitose aggressive vocals punctuating every syllable and dominating the tunes. Like most first wave Hardcore acts they own their own sound and albeit many times imitated it has never been matched. The "No Side" reissue comes in a heavy paste on board textured sleeve and includes a replica lyric insert.

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