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Ripped Off - Last Chance At Death 12"

Ripped Off - Last Chance At Death 12
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Well over 2 years in the making RIPPED OFF have finally come through with a follow up release to the "War.Fire.Death." cassette from 2015. Taking the direction of the band into more unleashed territory, the band find more solace in the obscurity of melding their influences together, delving more into the extreme subtleties of their sonic assault...touching into the realms of psychedelia, rock 'n' roll that were already hinted at previously whilst still charging ahead with volume and power as always. Drawing a healthy influence from the originality and drive of Japanese HC outfits wading through a pool of obscurity in the 80's, this idea has been applied into the workings of the band and what you get, is this record, no holds barred, free reign spiral into madness, 22 minutes of 100% sonic assault.

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