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Jogginghose Boy - Antifaschistische Aktion
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Appendix - Ei Raha Oo Mun Valuuttaa Lp

Appendix - Ei Raha Oo Mun Valuuttaa Lp
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2022er Pressung des Kultalbums
kommt mit schwarz-weißem Cover, auf schwarzem Vinyl
PNV 107


A1        Kuitenkin Kuolemme    2:23
A2        Raiskaus    1:35
A3        Paniikkia    1:26
A4        Nöyrät Nuolee    1:15
A5        Itsemurha    0:58
A6        Kateus    2:12
A7        Juoskaa, Kuolkaa    1:22
A8        Sukupuolettomat Siat    1:24
A9        Ei Raha Oo Mun Valuuttaa
A10        Papit
A11        Elämä Valuu Viemäriin

B1        Sade    1:34
B2        Torakat    1:07
B3        Kytän Unelma    1:39
B4        Mielisairas    1:12
B5        Ai?...    2:11
B6        Sinä Ja Minä     3:30
B7        Tää Maailma On Meidän     1:17
B8        Tyhjyys     1:50
B9        Ei Raha Oo Mun Valuuttaa

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The Vikings Are Coming... Lp
Swedish punk began in the late ‘70s and by the mid-‘80s, the small steel mill town of Fagersta had seven bands, immortalised on rare compilation The Vikings Are Coming, which is surprisingly diverse:

Bizarr’s old-school punk is influenced by the Clash and SLF; Cruel Maniacs give social criticism and Crude SS’s hardcoredraws on Discharge; Rescues In Future’s speedcore is super melodic, influenced by Husker Du; Fear of War’s thrash is anti-religious and there’s more thrash from Bedrovlerz (or ‘Miserablerz’), while Ugly Squaw proffer unique power-punk humour (also making an incognito faux-reggae appearance as Rasta Boys). This edition revives the ori- ginal Swedish version released on Uproar Records in l985, giving us the full monty of this must-have anthology.

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Demob - Still no room Lp +CD
Demob is a 1978 punk band who were established (helped by the late John Peel) with their debut single Anti Police. Due to the serious undertones of the lyrics, John Peel didn't actually play Anti Police on his BBC Radio 1 show, but played the B side Teenage Adolescence instead. The anticipated new album "Still No Room" released on Mad Butcher Records on Date may 2022 Vinyl and CD albums has been 5 years in the making and it is being dubbed some of the best work by the UK based band.
Songs featured include heavy hitters like "Shit Happens", "Once Punk Always Punk" and "Love Your Country (Hate Your Government)" They are still in step with their anti establishment protests that they have been singing for over 40 years. The band continue to play stages across the UK and are a regular band at the Rebellion Festival Blackpool, England and they will be playing tracks from this new album at their 2022 shows. The album is in essence with the true 1977 street punk music scene and expected to be put up there with the iconic albums of the time.
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PUNK as F*CK - Buch 2. Auflage (letzte Exemplare)
2. Auflage des Buchs, das erst im September 2022 erschienen ist!
Die 2. Auflage hat Leomuster im Innenteil des Covers, eine Matte Oberfläche und weniger Tippfehler. Der Rest ist wie die erste Auflage.

Das Akronym FLINTA steht für "Frauen, Lesben, Intersexuelle-, Nicht-Binäre-, Transgender- und Agender"-Personen. Der Begriff dient der Sichtbarmachung von Geschlechtsidentitäten und eint somit alle Menschen, die von patriarchalen Strukturen betroffen sind - auch und gerade in der Punkszene. [...]
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