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Rudy & das Teil - Demo
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The Vikings Are Coming... Lp

The Vikings Are Coming... Lp
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Swedish punk began in the late ‘70s and by the mid-‘80s, the small steel mill town of Fagersta had seven bands, immortalised on rare compilation The Vikings Are Coming, which is surprisingly diverse:

Bizarr’s old-school punk is influenced by the Clash and SLF; Cruel Maniacs give social criticism and Crude SS’s hardcoredraws on Discharge; Rescues In Future’s speedcore is super melodic, influenced by Husker Du; Fear of War’s thrash is anti-religious and there’s more thrash from Bedrovlerz (or ‘Miserablerz’), while Ugly Squaw proffer unique power-punk humour (also making an incognito faux-reggae appearance as Rasta Boys). This edition revives the ori- ginal Swedish version released on Uproar Records in l985, giving us the full monty of this must-have anthology.


Fear Of War - Surfer Boy
Fear Of War - Morality Fuck-Up
Fear Of War - Min Far
Rescues In Future - Ford-Hate
Rescues In Future - Jerk
Rescues In Future - You Can Try
Rescues In Future - Solo Låten
Bedrövlerz - Self Destruct
Bedrövlerz - A Child Was Born
Bedrövlerz - Satisfied Mind
Rasta Boys - Have A Safe Day (Rasta Mix)
Ugly Squaw - Policemans Parade
Ugly Squaw - Another Trojan Horse
Cruel Maniax - Atomkrig
Cruel Maniax - Once There Was
Cruel Maniax - Human Rights
Bizarr - Är Det Försent ?
Bizarr - Det Var Bättre Förr
Bizarr - Gör Din Plikt
Crude S.S. - Blue Eyed Devils
Crude S.S. - Chaos
Crude S.S. - Bullying A Nation

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