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Terrorgruppe - Fundamental CD
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Apocalpyse / Extinction Of Mankind - Split 7"

Apocalpyse / Extinction Of Mankind - Split 7
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Los Angeles’s crust legends APOCALYPSE are back after a very, very long nap with three new bangers that prove they never missed a beat. Having formed in 1984, releasing a demo, a 7”EP entitled “Earth” and two split singles with TRANSGRESSION and MINDROT. APOCALYPSE disbanded in 1990 and after 25 years they came back with a new line up consisting of members from NAUSEA (LA), MINDROT and TEMPLE OF DAGON and a split 7" with EXTINCTION OF MANKIND. They just finished up a west coast US tour with anarcho punk greats Omega Tribes. The music is heavier than ever blending equal parts Discharge, Motorhead and Amebix while combining the social consciousness of Anarcho-punks like Crass and Crucifix! Expect lots more plans for 2019.

Extinction Of Mankind one track off this split was a long time coming, with E.O.M. having not released anything since their 2010 split releases with Phobia and Disgust. Only to follow up their split 7" with Apocalypse originally released on Madgrinder Records was followed up by their latest LP “Storm of Resentment”. Urgent and brutal metallic crust from one of the all-time great 'Reap What You Sow' shows how crushing and powerful Extinction Of Mankind are.

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Eisenpimmel - XL CD
Versanddatum: 30.April 2020

Endlich ein neues Lebenszeichen von den Trinkhallenprofis und Politpunks für den kleinen Mann aus Duisburg! Ein brandheißes neues Eisenpimmel-Album in XL-Länge, das euch in die Abgründe der menschlichen Trinkerseele führt.

NUR bei Plastic Bomb gibt es ein von der Band handsigniertes A 2 Poster dabei!
14,90 EUR
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Saukerle (Schleim-Keim) - DDR von unten 7 (col.)

DDR von unten war eine Split-LP der beiden DDR-Punkbands Zwitschermaschine und Schleim-Keim. Das Album gelangte auf konspirativem Wege aus der DDR nach West-Berlin. Das 1983 vom Independent-Label Aggressive Rockproduktionen verlegte Album gilt als das erste Punkalbum der DDR, erschien jedoch offiziell nur im Westen. Jahrelang war es die einzige Veröffentlichung dieser Art. Die Entstehung des Albums beschäftigte das Ministerium für Staatssicherheit über mehrere Jahre, wobei die Repressionen fast ausschließlich Schleim-Keim betrafen. Zwei Inoffizielle Mitarbeiter (IM) waren an der Entstehung beteiligt, unter anderem der damals sehr geschätzte alternative Schriftsteller Sascha Anderson.

7,50 EUR
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Extinction Of Mankind - Storm Of Resentment Lp
Release date: within the first two weeks of January 2018 !

EXTINCTION OF MANKIND have been around since 1992, so they are veterans of the UK punk scene. They started when others finished and when time passed (20 something years) and we got the chance to hear their fourth full length album, I realised that they are one of the very few who are true to what UK punk has always been about. They are the natural continuation of the UK anarcho crust punk movement which started in the late 80s with the likes of ANTI SECT, AMEBIX or AXEGRINDER. “Storm of Resentment” is the concentrate of UK anarcho punk. Take what is best from it (the lyrics, the statements, the sound, the tempo, the anger and dedication) and add thrashy guitars to top it all. EOM prove you don’t need to play very fast to be brutal.
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