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Vicious Irene - Distorted State Of Mind Lp

Vicious Irene - Distorted State Of Mind Lp
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2012er Album der Crust-HC-Band aus Schweden.

10 years after their first full lenght "Pink Pollution" (which was followed by 4 further CDs & EPs), VICIOUS IRENE from Gothenburg, Sweden, are back with a brand new album! Within all these years of playing and writing songs together, VICIOUS IRENE have managed to create a style of individual Hardcore punk that melts together elements of classic Scandi D-Beat, Jap-Core and nineties Grunge/Punk, forming a stomping and massive beast of Grrrl Punk (all members are female). 10 new tracks that give you an imagination of DISCHARGE meeting up with L7 or BIKINI KILL to discuss gender, feminism and authoritarian politics over a tea or booze bootle (you decide) not forgetting irony and humor... - The recording is a screaming steamroller of sheer and raw heavy noise and pounding drums. Comparsions to other bands probably don't judge VICIOUS IRENE in 2012, as they sound as unique and fresh as no other band I can think of at the moment. Great album, I am really happy to be part of this project!

A1        Desolation
A2        Human Objects Stupid Subjects
A3        Distorted Heart
A4        Construction Of Lies
A5        Individuals
B1        Nice To Meat You
B2        Territorial Shitting
B3        We Don't Fit In
B4        Skitstad

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